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September 5th 1910 - Baumgartner Alexander
† in Luxemburg

Baumgartner is a Swiss from Sankt Gallen. There he was born on June 27th 1841. After his secondary school studies in Chur, Einsiedeln and Feldkirch he entered on October 20th 1860 the Society od Jesus. A part of his formation he got in Ditton Hall (England).

Since 1873 he was co-worker of the 'Stimmen aus Maria Laach'. In 1899 he moved to Luxemburg into the new established writer home, where he died after a short illness at a heart disease on September 5th 1910.

Baumgartner belongs as poet, historian, travel writer, but especially as talented literature historian to the prominent figures of the German literature history.

His two chief works are a biography of Goethe in three volumes, and a 'History of the World Literature' in six volumes, and a supplement. The biography of Goethe was revised by Father Alois Stockmann SJ, also a Swiss from Sarnen, and in the years 1923-25 published in two volumes.


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