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October 31st 1617 - Brother Alfons Rodriguez

He was born on July 25th 1531 in Segovia in Castile. He had to break off his studies in Alcalá when his father died suddenly to take over the parental textile shop. He married and was lucky with two children.

Then the buffets of fate befell him: In the business he had losses upon losses. His little daughter died, his wife too, and finally also his three-year-old son.

His attempt at an age of thirty-nine to take up the study again failed. Alfons did a bit of soul-searching. His religious substance war alarmed. On January 31st 1571 he was admitted as Brother to the noviciate in Valencia. Already after six months he was sent to Mallorca into the newly founded college. There he remained up to his death. For forty five years he worked as doorkeeper.

As his religious recordings show clearly, he was a mystic. Close friendship connected him with Peter Claver, who came as young Scholastic to Mallorca into the Interstice, and was inspired by the discussions with Brother Alfons for the mission work in South America.

Together with Peter Claver and John Berchmans he was canonized on January 15th 1888 by Pope Leo XIII. Brother Alfons is the Patron of our Brothers in the Order.


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