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October 30th 1873 - General Beckx Has To Leave Rome

In 1870 Rome fell into the hands of the Garibaldians. The houses of the Society of Jesus and its church Il Gesù were pillaged. Father General Pierre Beckx had to leave Rome on October 30th 1873 with his assistants. He went to Fiesole near Florenz in Umbrien. Only on January 20th 1895 his second successor, the Spaniard Ludwig Martin, could return to Rome.

On October 2nd 1892 the twenty fourth General Congregation in Loyola had elected him General. First his lodgings were in the Germanicum. Father Martin became seriously ill. A sarcoma at the right arm let fear the worst in 1904 already. Two surgeries and irradiations were of no help. 1905 the arm had to be amputated, but unfortunately the relief did not last long. The General died on April 18th 1906 in Rome.


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