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October 30th 2005
Canisius College Berlin

When the Society of Jesus was toward the end of World War I in Germany admitted again, in Catholic circles emerged the idea to establish a Jesuit College in the German capital - first under the neutral name "High School at the Lietzensee". In 1940 the college had to be closed by order the Nazis. The bishop of Berlin Conrad of Preysing celebrated a last school service with the pupils, and with their parents and teachers.

Immediately after the end of the war the college was established again. The old school building was destroyed. With the help of the Jesuits purchased the former Krupp House in the Tiergarten Street. In 1961 East Berlin was blocked by the wall. Only in 1990 pupils from East Berlin could be taken on again.

The college in Berlin-Tiergarten has at present (2005) more than 850 pupils. To the teaching staff belong 69 persons, among them six Jesuits. The college is in demand because of its education to responsibly. The pupils come from all Berlin districts, and all social classes. The CLC (Christian Life Community) is also outside of the school well engaged in family and church. About 300 pupils belong to it.

For the jubilee of the foundation of the Canisius College eighty years ago, a festive service has been celebrated on Sunday, October 30th 2005, at 12 o'clock a.m. in the church Maria Regina Martyrum, Berlin Charlottenburg. Since 1925 the college had led more than 11.000 pupils to the final examination.


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