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October 26th 1556 - Freux André (Frusius)
† in Rome

He was a French priest of the diocese Chartres who in 1541, already at 'the riper age', entered in Rome the Society of Jesus. Under Ignatius he made his first time of probation in the ramshackle house beside the Astalli Church. The distinguished abbé in his silk robe was put soundly through his paces and made the kitchen service. Yet he was such a scholarly man, half a miracle of knowledge and arts. He had studied theology, medicine and law, was a good mathematician, an excellent musician, versed in languages, and creative.

Ignatius sent him after the noviciate for four years to Padua where he should deepen and supplement his theology. Then he was for some time Ignatius' secretary, and preached in various cities. Ignatius sent him together with Canisius to Messina to create there the first college of the Society of Jesus. When also in Venice a college should be established they asked for Frusius again. In September 1552 he was called to Rome at the Germanicum, where he arrived on October 1st 1552. He became the first rector of the Roman College.

Frusius had a natural, spontaneous mind, which differed from Ignatius' measured earnest. Music and poetry were united in him. He had a sparkling and elegant nature.

Hugo Rahner writes:

  • At Ignatius' command Frusius translated the 'Rules about our thinking with the church' into Latin. from: Die ersten Jesuiten, p. 67
  • When Ignatius was sitting morosely in his room he was often attended by Frusius, who would play for him some tunes on his clavichord, or a Brother would sing a song for him. from: Ignatius als Mensch und Theologe, p. 127
  • When Ignatius died, only two Jesuits kneeled at his deathbed: Father Cristóforo de Madrid and André of Freux. p. 168
  • Frusius translates the Spiritual Exercises. p. 177


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