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November 27th 1960 - Caritas Pirckheimer House

In the heart of Nürnberg behind the St Clara Church is situated the Caritas Pirckheimer House, a youth and education centre, a modern house, equipped with all technology.

Caritas Pirckheimer is the name of a famous abbess of the Reformation time, whose life and work are closely connected with Nürnberg's history. She led the St Clare Nunnery, which had been built in 1278 at the same place. She was the sister of the humanist and alderman Pirckheimer, a contemporary of Albrecht Dürer. She was open-minded and stood firmly in the (Catholic) faith, which she defended against the city council that was introducing the Reformation.

After the Second World War the Jesuits could acquire a part of the former nunnery - a completely bomb-wrecked rubble field. Here a homeland for the Catholic youth work should again arise. Beside the groups of young people which were organized in associations, a youth education work and an open youth work developed, which are since the mid eighties accommodated in a youth centre, and were in 2005 handed over to the city Nürnberg. At the end of the seventies the "Academy Caritas Pirckheimer House of the Archdiocese Bamberg" supplemented the program with a qualified adult education work.

Today the CPH is part of the Jesuit Centre, where also the Open Church St Clare, the Jesuit Mission, and the KHG work together.

Bernd Günther
August 2005

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