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November 23rd 1926 - Abel Heinrich
† in Vienna

Father Abel was the apostle of Vienna. Born in 1843 in Passau, he studied theology at the Innsbruck University, and entered in 1863 in St Andrä in the Lavant Valley the Society of Jesus. After he had been ordained priest on July 7the 1874 and finished his studies, he worked first as teacher at the Jesuit College in Kalksburg near Vienna. In 1880 however he began already to give lectures and to preach sermons in Vienna. He promoted the Christian social renewal. Crucial point of his pastoral care in Vienna were the men's Sodalities of Our Lady, particularly for merchants and for students (student's club 'Austria'), and the men's pilgrimages.

The secret of his popularity lay in the authenticity of his kind nature, in the strength and the optimism of his apostolic love' (A. Lamprecht).

His funeral near Sankt Augustin, the church of his men's sermons, was attended by Cardinal Piffl and several bishops, 300 priests and 10.000 men. Father Abel got a monument of the city Vienna, and already 1927 a monument in Maria Zell, where regularly the men's pilgrimages took place - from 1893 up to 1925.


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