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November 21st 1976 - Fiftieth Anniversary of Sankt Georgen

The fiftieth anniversary of the university was solemnly celebrated. On Sunday, November 21st, took place a festive academy in the St Pauls Church in Frankfurt, in which more than 1000 guests participated.

Father Otto Semmelroth, the Rector of the university, welcomed the prominent personages from church and state. After speeches of the Mayor of the city, the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Country Hessen, the Apostolic Nuntio and others, Father Pedro Arrupe, General of the Society of Jesus, held the principal speech about 'Faith and Justice as Mission of the European Christians'.

Cordially and modestly he succeeded in making clear - in the change of personal impressions and resuming considerations - the responsibility of the European Christians. Long continuous applause rewarded his simple and at the same time cordial speech.


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