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March 29th 1523 - Iņigo Asks in Rome the Pope's Permission to Go On Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

On the very old Roman military road Via Appia Iņigo entered at Palm Sunday, March 19th, for the first time the Eternal City. His concern was to attain Pope Hadrian's VI permission for the pilgrimage to Palestine.

Iņigo found accommodation in the Spanish Hospice in the Piazza Navona. Already after two days he had the desired permit in hand. The wording of that document was discovered only a short time ago in the Vatican archives. The document has the date March 31st 1523.

Iņigo stayed in Rome only until Monday after White Sunday and marched then towards the north. After good four weeks, in the middle of May, he reached despite plague controls the lagoon city Venice. He lived on alms and slept under the arcades which surround St Marcus Place.


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