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March 23rd 1927 - Exaten

Exaten is a small Dutch place near Roermond. There a large old estate shows above the portal in the coat of arms the year 1593. Owner was a count Theodor de Geloes van Elsloe. In 1872 he left his property, to which about five hectares garden and park belonged, to the Jesuits who were banished from Germany.

From 1872 to 1885 Exaten served as Noviciate. After the purchase of the estate in 1886 a large new building with a Romanesque chapel was built. There from 1886 to 1894 the philosophy and a writer home, particularly for the editors of the 'Stimmen aus Maria Laach' (Laach=at the lake) and of the 'Katholische Missionen' were accomodated. From 1894 to 1910 Exaten was at the same time juniorate, and after the fire of Blyenbeck also noviciate. From 1910 on Exaten harboured also the tertianship. In the same year Jesuit Refugees arrived from Portugal. In the years 1885-1919 Exaten was also the seat of the Provincial.

95 Jesuits rest on the order-own cemetery, among them the Fathers Theodor Meyer, ethics professor († 1913), Moritz Meschler († 1912), the theologian William Wilmers († 1899), Ernst Thill († 1921), who was from 1907 to 1911 provincial. Father Wilhelm Eberschweiler died in Exaten on December 23rd 1921. In May 1958 he found his last resting-place in the Jesuit Church in Trier.

On March 23rd 1927 the estate became the possession of the Franciscans.


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