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March 19th 1634 - Andrade Antonio de
Portuguese Missionary and Explorer of Tibet
† in Tibet

At an age of twenty Antonio came in 1600 to India. With tremendous difficulties and great hardships he went in the wake of a caravan to the temple in Badrinath, a sanctuary of the country. From there he went on alone, accompanied only by a Jesuit Brother and two servants, through glaciers and eternal snow, on a height of 5000 metres across the Mana pass, where he investigated the springs of the Ganges, into the plateau of Tibet. At that time he was at the age of twenty four.

He established some mission stations, but soon the passionate resistance of the lamas became apparent. He has probably been poisoned. Andrade is the first European who crossed the Himalaya and investigated the spring area of the Ganges and the Tibetan tableland. His reports on it are the first reliable sources.


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