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March 10th 1615 - Ogilvie John
† in Glasgow

In 1576 John was born in Scotland as the first son of a noble, rich and influential family. For his education he was sent to the European mainland. In 1592 he enrolled at the again founded University of Helmstedt which was considered as bulwark of Protestantism. His studies led him in 1596 to Leuven to the Scottish College. There he converted and entered on November 5th 1599 the Society of Jesus - in the Noviciate of the Austrian Province in Olmütz (Moravia) where already Edmund Campion had made his Noviciate († 1581 as martyr). 1610 he was ordained priest in Paris.

Several times he asked for his mission to his homeland. Father General Aquaviva granted it to him in the year 1613. His mission was secret, but by betrayal he was arrested in Glasgow. During his five months in prison he wrote secretly to Father Aquaviva: '... The torments are dreadful; the tortures heavy ... Pray for me that I die completely generously for the undefeated Jesus ...'

For more than one week he was tormented by compulsive insomnia. On March 10th 1615 he was condemned to death, and was hung on the same day about 4 o'clock p.m., after he had forgiven his hangmen. His body came into a mass grave for criminals outside the city.

On December 22nd 1929 he was beatified by Pope Pius XI.


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