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March 3rd 1908 - Cornely Rudolph
† in Trier

Rudolf Cornely was born on April 19th 1830 in Breyell, Rhineland. On October 15th he entered in Münster the Society of Jesus. After the usual education he acquired special knowledge by three years of studies in Syria, Palestine and Egypt, which found their conclusion in Paris.

From 1867 to 1872 he lectured exegesis in the study house of the Order in Maria Laach. From 1872 to 1879 he worked as an editor of the 'Stimmen aus Maria Laach', which - because of the struggle between Church and State in Germany - had found refuge 1873 on a castle of the family Robiano in Tervueren near Brussels. The intention was to publish a magazine that, like the 'Civiltà Cattolica' in Italy, commented on the important questions of world view and social life. The first number appeared on July 15th 1871. The editor's office moved still several times over Blyenbeck, Exaten, Luxembourg, Valkenburg, till it found - during World War I and before the 'Jesuitengesetz' had been abolished - in 1915 in Munich a new domicile.

1873 Cornely created together with efficient co-workers, as Knabenbauer, Hummelauer, Spillmann, Ehrle and others, the magazine 'Katholische Missionen'. From 1879 to 1889 he lectured as professor of exegesis at the Gregoriana in Rome. On his suggestion the 'Cursus Scripturae Sacrae' was established in 1885, to which Cornely wrote three introduction volumes, commentaries to St Paul's Letters to the Romans, Corinthians and Galatians. Later (1910) Father Francis Zorell published his commentary on the Book of Wisdom.

By his works Cornely had a determining influence on the Catholic Bible science. Also still today they are of more than historical importance. Since 1882 Cornely lived in Blyenbeck (the Netherlands). In 1902 he came to Trier for the treatment of his eye-disease which made necessary two operations. There he died in 1908.


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