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May 20th 1973 - Abolition of the Prohibition of the Society of Jesus in Switzerland

On May 20th 1973 the Swiss referendum had to adjudicate on the abolition or retention of the 125 years old prohibition of the Society of Jesus. That constitutional article was long outdated. Nobody dared nevertheless to make a safe prognosis. The main opinion was provided very thoroughly by Professor Werner Kaegi, a Zurich Protestant Doctor of Civil Law.

Almost 40% of the Swiss voters took part in the plebiscite. That shows a relatively great interest. Before the vote there was a considerable engagement of the media about the pros et cons, and almost the atmosphere of the struggle between Church and State in the nineteenth century. The result of the opinion poll was: About 90% of the Catholics and 25 to 30% of the Protestants pleaded for the revision. That would not have been possible without the energetic and convinced assistance of many Swiss Protestants.


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