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May 20th 1974 - Daniélou Jean, Cardinal since 1969
† in Paris

He was born on May 14th 1905 in Nevilly sur Seine, not far from Paris. His mother Madelaine created an association of apostolic life, and wrote excellent books about the Christian education.

Jean entered the Societas of Jesus in Laval, studied philosophy in Jersey and made his Interstice as a teacher at the college in Poitiers. During the study of theology he was ordained priest on August 20th 1938.

Since 1941 he belonged to the editorial staff of the 'Études'. At the same time he attained a doctorate at the Sorbonne in Paris. His doctoral thesis about the theology and mysticism of St Gregor of Nyssa received the highest honour. It belongs to the standard works about Platonism in the Patristic and was reprinted in 1954. Together with Father Henry de Lubac he edited the 'Sources Chrétiennes'.

After the war he dedicated himself again to patristic studies, particularly about the School of Alexandria. He published many articles about Origines and wrote a breath-taking biography about him. He took up also the Qumran discoveries and was at work on the Jewish Christians.

In 1969 he was appointed Cardinal and became in 1972 member of the Académie Franšaise. His authority in questions of the history of the early Christianity and of its mind is generally acknowledged and admired among experts.

Daniélou was not only scientist. He exercised an active apostolate among the youth. His lectures, retreat days, and publications were open for the liturgical renewal. Since 1943 he took part quite regularly in the pilgrimage of the Parisian students to Chartes.

He died on May 20th 1974 in Paris


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