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May 20th 1521 - Ignatius' Heavy Injury on the Fortress Pamplona

In 1521 Ignatius had fought in the service of the Viceroy of Navarra Ignatius on the ramparts of the Fortress Pamplona against the Navarrese freedom fighters and against the Frenchmen allied with them. The Frenchmen were with more than 12.000 men by far superior. Nevertheless the citadel with its small crew (about 1000 men and 19 cannons) stubbornly withstood, because Ignatius understood it to motivate the crew and their officers, who wanted already to surrender. 'Victory or death' was his slogan.

Toward the end of a bombardment lasting six hours Ignatius was met by a cannon ball, which smashed his right leg and also heavily hurt the left one. When so the soul of the resistance had failed, the crew hoisted the white flag and immediately surrendered the citadel to the Frenchmen. For the time being the fight was ended. The Frenchmen treated the seriously wounded with all courtesy. After one, two weeks which he stayed in Pamplona, they let him carry in a sedan to Loyola. The very painful march on the burdensome mountain paths lasted two weeks, including a rest of several days in Ozaeta, which the fever-stricken patient needed urgently.

The advance of the Frenchmen could be stopped. They were beaten off over the Pyrenees. On July 5th the Spanish flag fluttered again on the Citadel Pamplona.


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