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May 1st 1946 - Sankt Blasien in Upper Black Forest

In Sankt Blasien there was for more than thousand years an old Benedictine Abbey which was dissolved by the secularization in the year 1806. Afterwards the buildings, which had served a spinning-mill limited company that went bankrupt 1931 by the German economic crisis, were offered for sale.

At the same time it was impossible to maintain the German department of the world-famous college 'Stella Matutina' in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg). Hitler had imposed the 1000-Mark-Blockade on Austria. Each German pupil had to pay a tax of 1000 Reichsmarks when he crossed the border to Austria.

The South German Province sought to cushion the situation by purchasing Sankt Blasien, to establish there its own college. That was very courageous, because one had to assume after all that it would come to difficulties with the Nazi government. And thus it happened. In December 1938 the Reichsunterrichtsministerium (Government Department of Education) in Berlin ordered the abolition of the new school at the conclusion of the next school year.

On May 1st 1946 the college was solemnly reopened. However after painful losses of the South German Province: Two Fathers had been sentenced and put to death by the Nazis: Alfred Delp and Alois Grimm; and more than one hundred members of the recent new generation had been killed in the war. The College Sankt Blasien gave rise to many priest- and order vocations.


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