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June 24th 1521 - Ignatius Receives the Extreme Unction

When Iņigo - heavily wounded during the defense of Pamplona - returned to Loyola, several physicians and surgeons were consulted. It turned out that the bones of the right leg had grown together wrongly.

Since Iņigo was inspired by the firm will to pursue the military career, he endured the terrible torture of a bone correction. True, Iņigo got over all the tortures, but his condition worsened and came to a critical stage. Death seemed very close. At the feast of St John Baptist he received the extreme unction. The next days became a struggle with death.

In the night on the feast of St Peter, to which Iņigo maintained a special devotion, a turn happened. About midnight his condition began clearly to improve. A few days later he was no longer in mortal danger.

Later Iņigos sick-room was converted into a chapel. The unchanged ceiling made from heavy oak beams remained preserved.


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