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July 31st 1548 - Pope Paul III Approves Ignatius's Book on Spiritual Exercises

The Spanish original of the author does no longer exist. But there is a contemporary copy with personal notes of Ignatius (named 'Autograph'). It was published in 1615 under Father General Aquaviva, and has since then often been reprinted.

During Ignatius' lifetime two Latin hand-written translations were in circulation. The one (Versio Latina Antiqua, with the date July 9th 1541), which corresponds literally to the Spanish version, was probably done by Ignatius himself, the other (Vulgata) is a free, but faithful translation of A. Frusius (occasionally secretary of Ignatius).

Both translations were before the committee which Paul III had set up for examination. Francisco de Borja obtained at that time the pope's approval by the breve 'Pastoralis officii' from July 31st 1548. In the same year, on November 11th 1548, the Frusius edition was published in Rome. The duke of Gandía paid the costs of the first edition.


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