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July 29th 1998 - Seiler Hermann
† in Zurich

Father Hermann Seiler was citizen of Blitzingen, Brig and Zermatt. He was born on May 10th 1910 in Brig. His father was hotelier and councillor of state. His mother Elizabeth came from Engelberg. Hermann was the third son. A further son and eight sisters followed. The family was closely connected with the Jesuits. Father Viktor Cathrein, the moral philosopher, was a grand-uncle of Hermann and his uncle Julius belonged also to the Jesuit Order.

He visited the Jesuit College in Feldkirch. Since he wanted to become priest, he went to Rome to the Germanicum. Soon after his ordination he entered in 1937 the Society of Jesus. After the noviciate in Tisis and further studies he conferred a doctor's degree upon theology. In the year 1939 he was assigned as vicar in the parish of Our Lady in Zurich. Already in 1941 the Superiors appointed him member of the Apologetic Institute Zurich, where he worked until 1944. During that time he worked on a Catholic Manual of Switzerland, which was published in 1943. From 1944 on he was pastor for students and university women in Zurich - for sixteen years.

Then his life took a total turn. In 1961 he moved to the Jesuits in Upsala, Sweden. There he was active in the pastoral care for converts and in editing the magazine 'Signum'.

He has never told his motive why he went to Sweden. It remained his secret. He had the privilege to work in Sweden for 34 years. To his loved Wallis he came only for the sake of holidays. At the age of 85 he returned to his homeland. For four years he worked still as 'Operarius' (pastoral substitute) in Zurich, very open yet for the questions of the time. He died during a vacation stay in Visp, near Brig, two days before the Ignatius Feast in the year 1998. A reserved nobility controlled his wide-awake presence in the community.


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