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July 23rd 1535 - Hereditary Legal Provisions in Loyola

Ignatius was urged by his physicians and friends to undertake a recovery journey to his Basque homeland after completion of his studies in Paris . For the ease of the travel strain the companions bought him a small brown horse. Ignatius transferred the care for the friend circle to Peter Faber, who won soon three further Frenchmen for the federation: Le Jay, Brot and Codure.

During his native recovery journey Ignatius worked apostolically. He held catecheses, practiced charitable deeds, and even preached once in Azpeitia from the pulpit of his baptismal church.

After he had brought to a close various hereditary affairs - the document to which he fixed his signature in the parents' house has the date July 23rd 1535 -, he could at the end of the year 1535 take leave of his homeland - for ever. Subsequently he tried to win back the lost friends of Alcalá, but without result. He visited still some families of his Parisian friends, so in Almazán the family Laínez and in Toledo the family Salmerón and spent a week with his friend Juan de Castro in the Carthusian Monastry near Segorbe.

From Valencia he sailed to Genova and got at the beginning of the year 1536 to Venice. Up to the regular arrival of his Parisian companions almost one year was still available to Ignatius. He spent that year 1536 wholly in Venice. During that time he deepened his studies, held religious discussions and gave Spiritual Exercises: among others also to Diego de Hozes, a Spanish priest from Málaga, whom he won for the friend circle.


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