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July 21st 1550 - New Confirmation of the Societas of Jesus by Pope Julius III

From 1544 on Ignatius was occupied with the drawing up of the constitutions. At the end of 1546 the first part of the work was formulated, the so called 'Examen generale'. It contains the most important questions which are put to those who want to enter the Order. Then the deliberate elaboration of the ten parts of the actual constitutions followed. A lot of preliminary work was at hand, but only from 1547 on the work of that large, well-considered work preceded. For since the beginning of that year Father Juan de Polanco stood by Ignatius as an ideal aid. Polanco was theologically well educated and legally talented. He was a born secretary. Until 1549 the work was completed as a whole.

In the Jubilee Year 1550 the General could submit the text to the companions of the founding time, whom he had called to Rome for examination. In fraternal criticism everything was discussed and unanimously approved.

When Pope Julius III solemnly confirmed anew the Society of Jesus on July 21st 1550, Ignatius could only thank for the work which God in his goodness had let him complete.


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