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January 26th 1975 - Jungmann Andreas Joseph
† in Innsbruck

Father Jungmann came from South Tyrol. He was born on November 16th 1889 in Sand in Taufers, province Bozen. He studied in Brixen, in the at that time prince-episcopal 'Vincentinum'. There he was ordained priest in 1913.

After four years as chaplain in two Austrian parishes he became Jesuit in 1917. After the noviciate he completed his philosophical and theological studies in Innsbruck. In Munich and in Vienna he studied pedagogy, to prepare himself for the chair for pastoral theology at the University of Innsbruck, the rector of which he became later (1953).

In 1934 he succeeded Father Gatterer as professor in ordinary on the chair for pastoral theology. For decades he lectured pedagogy, catechetic and liturgy. He did decisive things for the development of the liturgy of his century.

In the year 1936 his book 'Die Frohbotschaft und unsere Glaubensverkündigung' (The Gospel and our Preaching the Faith) was published. It was censured by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome and taken from the marke by the Ordert. Only 1963 appeared a revised second edition with the title 'Glaubensverkündigung im Lichte der Frohbotschaft' (Preaching Faith in the Light of the Gospel). His chief work 'Missarum Sollemnia' had had in the years 1948-1962 five editions and was published in several languages.

The culmination of his activity was the promulgation of the council documents.

In the years 1927-1963 he was (with breaks) the main editor of the Innsbruck 'Zeitschrift für katholische Theologie'. As a member of the German and Austrian Liturgical Commission his outstanding authority became apparent and likewise by his work as consulter of the Congregation of Rites.

Father Jungmann was unselfish and modest, an industrious and tough worker, a man full of kindness and patience, closely united with the church. There is not known any hard word from him about the church or the Jesuit Order. He saw his task fulfilled in the lively celebration of the Holy Mass.


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