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January 18th 1892 - Anderledy Anton Maria
XXIIIth General of the Society of Jesus
† in Fiesole near Florence

He was born on June 3rd 1819 in Berisal near Brig in Switzerland. His father was postmaster in the hotel de la Poste on the pass road of the Simplon.
He studied at the Jesuit College in Brig and entered on October 5th 1838 the Society of Jesus. After his academic years in Rome, Fribourg, and Chambery, he went to St Louis (North America) because of the persecution of the Order 1848, and was there ordained priest on September 19th 1848. In 1850 he returned to Europe, made his tertianship in Tronchiennes (Belgium), and worked a short time as Popular Missionary (=preacher) in South Germany. Since 1853 he was active as Superior, first in Cologne, then in Paderborn. From 1859-1865 he was Provincial of the German Province. During that time the Order acquired Maria Laach as study house. There Anderledy became 1869 Rector, but already in the year after he was called to Rome as Assistant, as successor of the deceased Father Pierling.

The enemies of the church and of the Society of Jesus had after the First Vatican Council, which had solemnly proclaimed the dogma of the pope's infallibility, declared an inexorable fight against the church. Father General had to leave the Professed House in Rome with his Assistants. He found a provisional place of refuge in Fiesole.

The twenty third General Congregation elected Anderledy on September 24th 1883 Vicar General cum iure successionis. On May 11th of the following year Father General Beckx resigned for reasons of health, after he had been General for twenty eight years. He died on March 4th 1887, and Anderledy took up the office as new General, which he held for five years.

Anderledy was a powerful personality. He stood up for the old spirit of manly loyalty to Pope and church, insisted on scholasticism in the sense of St Thomas of Aquin, endeavoured in the middle of persecutions to maintain the spirit of the Order and promoted scientific and literary activities.

In the Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche (Encyclopaedia for Theology and Church) Father Becher writes: 'In his tenure of office Anderledy endeavoured, in contrast to the liberalism and genius of the time, to further harsh virility and greater severity in the way of life and mental attitude.'

Pope Leo XIII esteemed Anderledy very highly and confirmed the rights and privileges of the Order by his breve 'Dolemus inter'.

The number of the Jesuits rose under Anderledy from 11.840 to 13.275.


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