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January 4th 1928 - Astrain Antonio
Spanish Historian of the Order
† in Loyola

Born on November 17th 1857 in Undiano (Navarra), he entered very young into the Society of Jesus. After special studies in literature and rhetoric he studied - since 1895 exclusively - the history of the Society of Jesus in the countries of the Spanish Assistence, and had therefore to undertake many journeys.

His researches found their expression in many articles and essays, particularly however in the seven volumes of his chief work 'Historia de la Compaņía de Jesús en la Asistencia de Espaņa', which were published 1902-1925 in Madrid.
His Ignatius Biography appeared 1924 by E. Weber also in German language (publishing house Hermann Rauch in Wiesbaden).

Astrain deserved well of the publication of the sources of the Order's history (Monumenta Historica SJ), which he led from 1921 up to his death.

His plastic representation, his critical sense, his matter-of-fact objectivity and his thorough knowledge of the sources make his Order History, which goes up to 1773, valuable also for the general church history of the Spanish countries.

Astrain died at an age of 71 in the college in Loyola.


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