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February 8th 1981 - Hirschmann Hans
† in Duisburg

Father Hirschmann was Saarlander. He was born in Püttlingen on May 16th 1908. His father George was an respected miner who took over many honorary tasks. His mother Catharine was a born Sutor.
He was baptized in his parish church St Sebastian and got there also his first Communion and the confirmation. He co-operated diligently in the church youth associations.

After the final examination in Saarlouis he entered at an age of eighteen on April 23th 1926 the Society of Jesus. He studied in Valkenburg, Rome and Münster. On August 27 1936 he was ordained priest in Valkenburg and celebrated afterwards in his hometown his First Mass in the new established parish of Our Lady. After pastoral duties in the archdiocese Paderborn and Munich he worked above all in Sankt Georgen, at the University of the Jesuits in Frankfurt, where he had a professorship for social sciences and for some time also for Canon Law. From here he had to do with nearly all important church institutions in the Federal Republic, particularly with the Central Committee of the German Catholics.

During the Second Vatican Council in Rome he was adviser of Bishop Hengsbach (Essen), and during the Würzburg Synod he took part in an inspiring way and was active with all his heart and head. Also as Federal Chaplain of Bund Neudeutschland (ND) he was a looked for speaker, commentator and discussion leader. He did exert himself and was always there for everyone, especially for people in religious and social distress.

In Sankt Georgen he got as memory aid Frater Otto Busch. As there had occurred many mishaps with his many dates, Frater Busch became an indispensable help for him. (Frater=Jesuit Student)

After heavy illnesses in the last years of his life, he died during a lecture journey in the St Vincent hospital in Duisburg. Last Sunday he had still celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the parishioners in Püttlingen.


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