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February 2nd 1528 - Iņigo Arrives in Paris

When the pilgrimage to the Holy Land failed, Iņigo saw that the study of theology was necessary for his aim 'to help the souls', and that - as preliminary stage - the study of Latin and philosophy was indispensable. Thus the time of his studies began, which took altogether eleven years, from spring 1524 to Easter 1535.

In the first years (1524-1527) he was a student in Barcelona, Alcalá and Salamanca. He also strove to win friends. Apart from the study the small group dedicated itself to charity tasks and religious instructions. Several times they excited the attention of the inquisition. They were suspected as heretics. Iņigo went twice into prison: in Alcalá for forty-two days and in Salamanca for twenty-two days. Thus it came to some interrogations, and to at least eight legal proceedings. But the judges could find no mistake, neither in the teachings nor in the way of life. Iņigo insisted on getting a written judgement of the faith court.

All of the first companions of that time deserted him.

After these complications Iņigo decided to leave Spain and to continue his study in Paris at the most famous university of the western world. He hoped to find there also the best youth of the Occident.

Alone and on foot he went from Salamanca to Paris, where he arrived on February 2nd 1528.


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