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December 18th 1936 - Lippert Peter
† in Locarno

Peter was born on August 23rd 1879 as son of simple pious country people in Altenricht near Amberg. His baptismal name Peter was that of his father. Of his eight brothers and sisters one was a nun in Austria.

After he had ended the Amberger High School in 1898, he found admission as a candidate in the Regensburg seminary. But on September 30th 1899 he entered already the Society of Jesus. He spent the two years noviciate in Feldkirch, the further study years in Exaten and Valkenburg. Already in those practical training years his outstanding speculative gift, but also his unusual literary talent showed up.

On August 28th 1909 he was ordained priest by Bishop Döring. After the conclusion of his studies he came in 1912 to Munich as constant co-worker of the 'Stimmen der Zeit'. Munich remained now his fixed domicile.

His lectures and books, his retreats and radio sermons, his correspondence and consulting room activity give evidence of his pastoral impulses. He was the highly gifted and subtle connoisseur and herald of the human heart. All those activities have been wrested by Father Lippert from an extremely weak and tender health. A highlight of his activity was his grand speech at the Catholic Day in Munich on August 28th 1922.

On occasion of the canonization of the blessed Petrus Canisius in 1925 Father Lippert saw for the first time Rome, the Eternal City. In 1929/30 followed his second Rome journey, which took half a year. It served the preparation of his book about the Church of Christ.

In Rome he lived in the Bellarmin College. The weak point of his health was also here his lung. It was healed completely in the Clinica Quisisana. Father General visited him there.

Except of his frequent pneumonias there was added in 1929 the illness of the right ear. Deafness threatened. Trouble made also a growing goitre, swallowing problems, and an indentation in the gullet. The physicians dissuaded from making a surgery, also Professor Leb, the famous surgeon of Munich with an own hospital, with whom Father Lippert was connected in a friendly manner. Later he decided then nevertheless to operate on him. Before each difficult operation Professor Leb usually went into the chapel of his hospital. The operation succeeded very well. Father Lippert recovered surprisingly fast. So fresh and lively as he was in summer 1936 he had not been for years.

The coming winter he wanted to spend again, as so often already, in the mild Locarno. Unfortunately he got a new pneumonia. On December 10th 1936 he came into the Clinica S. Agnese. His condition was critical. Father Lippert was perfectly devoted to the will of God. In the afternoon, about four o'clock - nearly up to the end being conscious - he breathed his last.

Dr. Bandolfi, the General Superior of the 'Institute for Mission Bethlehem' in Immensee, immediately made the offer to bury the deceased at his expense in the new, marvellous lain cemetery of his house.

The Order agreed. Thus the body was transferred to Immensee. There he was buried on December 21st, in a morning with dense fog, at the feet of a Heart-Jesus-statue, into the pedestal of which are carved the words: 'Ego vos semper custodiam'.

The number of the mourning guests was large. Also the director of the Stimmen der Zeit, at the same time his superior, Father Theo Hoffmann had come to the funeral. In the requiem in Munich St Michael also Cardinal Faulhaber took part.

Professor Karl Adam wrote in an apprisal: 'In Catholic Germany we did not have a pen which knew to write so discretely and tenderly, so sympathically and psychologically true, so gladly and strongly in faith, like that of him.'


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