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December 8th 1927 - Inauguration of the General Curia

In the first Roman years Ignatius and his closest companions had no suitable dwelling. They moved several times, from interim solution to interim solution. Only in September 1544 they moved into a house which they had built near the small church S. Maria della Strada.

In that Professed House Ignatius had four small modest rooms. One room served as work room, another one with a small balcony as bedroom, there was as chapel, and the room for his servant, Brother Jan Pablo Borell.

The ceiling beams of the rooms are still there, also the wooden doors, parts of the fire-place, and two poor cupboards.

Those four rooms of the old house remained when in 1602 the Order Church Il Gesu was built. The veto of Father General Aquaviva protected them from demolition. Those rooms are free for sightseeing.

Also the two successors of Ignatius, Laínez and Francisco de Borja lived and died there. Here in the Professed House also the first General Congregations took place.

After the abolition of the Order in the year 1773 Polozk became the administrative seat of the Society of Jesus. After the political division of Poland Polozk came to the Russian realm, where the Order continued to exist. At that time 201 Jesuits, among them 97 Fathers, became subjects of the Russian realm under Catharine II. Not before the year 1820, four years after the re-establishment of the Order in the whole world, the Curia was set back from Polozk to Rome under Father General Aloisius Fortis, an Italian from Verona, who was selected General at the age of seventy two.

For nearly half a century the Curia stayed now in Rome. In the year 1873, due to the conquest of Rome by the Piemontese, the Curia was confiscated and the inventory publicly auctioneered.

Father General Beckx travelled with the German assistant Father Anderledy to Florenz. Near Florenz, in Fiesole, the Curia found a new lodging. There Father Ricasoli, who came from a Florentine noble family, had bought with the help of his family and on its name an old Hieronymite monastery and changed it into a residence of the Society of Jesus. There the Curia was now established, and there governed the three Generals: Beckx, Anderledy and the Spaniard Martin.

In the year 1895 the Curia was shifted to Rome and, for the time being, placed into the Germanicum. After the end of World War I Father General Ledóchowski let, for the increasing requirements of the Order's administration, built a large building - today's General Curia in the Borgo Santo Spirito. The solemn inauguration of the house took place on December 8th 1927.


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