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August 31st 1709 - Brother Andrea dal Pozzo

Brother Pozzo is considered as the greatest artist of the Society of Jesus. He was born on November 30the 1642 in the North Italian city Trent. First he studied literary subjects, and showed at the same time a large gift for the art. On December 23rd 1665 he entered as Brother the Society of Jesus and found soon opportunity to develop his artistic talent. In Genova he learned the colour technology of the Venetian and Lombardian School. In Rome he practiced the sketching of paintings, particularly according to the models of Rafael. His chief work places were Genova, Turin, Rome, and Vienna. Pozzo was painter, sculptor, and architect.

In Rome he got the task to paint the floor which is next to the rooms where Ignatius had lived. Some years ago those rooms have been thoroughly renovated. Thereby parts that had been painted over were laid open again.

Pozzo painted also the interior of the Jesuit Church in Frascati. In 1694 he completed his masterpiece: the ceiling of Sant' Ignazio in Rome with the famous mock vault, which many regard as the most important example of the Baroque painting at all. In the centre of the perspective the monogram 'IHS' radiates a light, by which the complete work is flown through and inspired. Sant' Ignazio was the University Church of the Collegium Romanum and is today the church of the Gregoriana. Pozzo drafted also the valuable Baroque altar of St Ignatius in the church Il Gesù in Rome, and the Aloisius altar in Sant' Ignazio.

In the year 1693 Brother Pozzo published the first of two volumes of his influential work about the perspective in painting and architecture ('Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum'). It got more than forty editions and is translated into eight languages (including Chinese).

In the year 1704, at an age of sixty two, Brother Pozzo went to Vienna. The ceiling painting in the festival hall of the garden palace Liechtenstein (1704-08) belongs there to his works, but above all the artistic interior decoration of the University Church at the Dr. Ignaz Seipel Place, where the Provincial of Austrian Province has his office.


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