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August 30th 1970 - Bad Schönbrunn

In the year 1858 the physician Dr. Heggli had let build in Zugerland a nursing centre for patients wanting a rest. Many people came there - also from foreign countries. The maximal numbers of visitors were in the years between 1880 and World War I. Afterwards a rapid decrease of visitors had occurred. The house stood almost empty for a long time.

Some Swiss Jesuits had the plan to create for Switzerland something similar to the model of the retreat house in Tisis (Vorarlberg). Particularly since the large city Zurich was not far away their attention fell to Bad Schönbrunn which was looking for a buyer.
In 1928 came off the purchase. Soon the idea was generally accepted to establish a modern new building. Five years passed from the project engineering up to the commencement of construction. A competition was written out in which twelve architects participated. The draft of the architect Studer from Zurich was accepted. On February 28th 1968 the building began. In seven months the carcass was finished. Further two years served the finishing, and the consideration to compose the house organically into the landscape. In the opinion of many people that succeeded masterfully.

Both the Society of Jesus and the church could contribute only few to the financing of this ambitious project. It was laborious and required much trust in God to find the 6,3 million Swiss francs by donations.

On April 30th 1970 the bishop of Basel, Dr. Anton Hänggi, consecrated the new building. The house does not only serve for retreats. It is an educational house with Bible courses, pastoral meetings, art exhibitions, and many other activities.


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