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August 29th 1541 - Codure Jean
† in Rome

He came from Southern France, from the small town Seyne in the Provence, sited higher than thousand metres. There he was born on June 24th 1508.

Before he went to study in Paris, he had already studied some theology. In Paris he became acquainted with Peter Faber who gave him the Spiritual Exercises. Thereupon he joined the friend circle of Ignatius and took part in the revival of the vows of the companions on Montmartre in 1536.

In Venice he was ordained priest on June 24th 1537 together with Ignatius and the companions Xaver, Laínez, Bobadilla, and Rodrigues.
Codure took actively part in the consultations in Rome, which led to the establishment of the Society of Jesus, and also in the drafts of the statutes of the Order. There survived several documents from him, which have their meaning for the beginnings of the Society. To them belong not only letters, but also a record of the first consultations and a commentary to the Spiritual Exercises, which he wrote for those who take part in a retreat, not for the director.

As the first of the ten companions Codure died unexpectedly on August 29th 1541 in Rome at the age of thirty three.


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