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August 26th 1973 - Brodrick James
† in Wokingham/Berkshire

After his rejection by the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus, the in 1891 born James, a lively boy, was accepted by the English Province. In London he acquired the academic degree at the university. After his ordination, to which he because of an illness had almost not been admitted, he became a co-worker of the magazine 'The Month'.

Its noteworthy literary talent showed up already in his first book, a biography about Robert Bellarmin. The biography about Petrus Canisius followed. His best work, also according to his own opinion, has the title 'The Origin of the Jesuits'. It was published in the middle of World War II. There are hardly anywhere else so many short and splendid portraits with such a complete balance and accuracy. The biographies about Xaver and Ignatius followed.

He had no secretary, no modern devices, no dictaphone, no computer - only the typewriter on a small tea table.

Besides the writing he was active also as priest. His retreats were highly estimated. But he could also be haunted by melancholia. That probably prevented him to complete the Ignatius biography. First he thought that he did not have the liberty to speak out what he thought. Then, when he had the liberty, he thought himself too old for the task.

Brodrick did much to make the Society of Jesus well-known. He did a great work. He died in the year 1973 at the age of 82 years.


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