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August 17th 2000 - Bleistein Roman
† on Borkum

Father Bleistein originated from Aschaffenburg. There he was born as the second of four children. There he got also his school training, which he completed in 1948 with the final examination. As member of the Sodality of Our Lady he became acquainted with the Society of Jesus, which he entered on September 14th 1948 in Pullach. In the last year of World War II he was called up as Air Force Aid till January 1945.

After he had ended his studies in Pullach and in Frankfurt (St. Georgen), he was first assigned for pastoral work with juvenile adults in Munich. In that time his first youth books were written. On August 4th 1960 he was ordained priest during the Eucharist World Congress in Munich, St. Michael. After his tertianship in St. Andrä under Father Peter Heymeyer he was destined as co-worker at the 'Stimmen der Zeit'; at the same time he began at the Munich University the study of pedagogy, psychology and sociology, which he ended in 1965 with the graduation. For one year he had to help as chaplain in the parish St Kunigund in Nürnberg. Then he could take up his work as an editorship member of the 'Stimmen' again. He kept that position up to the completion of the seventieth year of his life.

From 1968 to 1973 he was also personal adviser of Father Karl Rahner in Munich and Münster. In 1973 he became lecturer and in 1975 extraordinary professor in pedagogy at the University for Philosophy in Munich.

As a competent and highly estimated expert for youth problems he was advisor of numerous committees within and outside of the church.

In the year 1977 a new, time-historical research work was additionally entrusted to him. In the course of the years he published comprehensive documentations about the Jesuits in the resistance against the Nazi dictatorship. As the first one appeared 1982-1984 the writings of Alfred Delp in four volumes, 1988 followed the fifth volume with letters, texts and reviews. Other technical literature concerned the Fathers Rupert Mayer and Augustin Rösch. Alone in the 'Stimmen der Zeit' he published nearly 200 essays, apart from the many book reviews. In addition there are publications in other magazines, and uncounted lectures.

The chairman of the German Bishop Conference, Karl Lehmann, appreciated Father Bleistein's life work in his letter of condolence. He called him a 'competent, open and engaged theologian and minister who did his utmost for a reliable youth pastoral, and its embodiment in the life of our church.'

Roman Bleistein died on August 17th 2000 shortly before the end of his sick leave on the North Sea island Borkum. He had participated still in the evening Mass. During the following recreation he broke down suddenly. The physician could only state his death. On August 24th 2000 he was buried on the Order Cemetery in Pullach.


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