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August 16th 1957 - Kronseder Friedrich
† in Neuburg/Danube

Father Kronseder originated from a Munich citizen family. He was born on July 4th 1879 and grew up in a cheerful youth in a cultivated home.

After the final examination at the Ludwig High School he studied philosophy and theology in Munich and Innsbruck. In the seminary in Freising he was ordained priest on June 29th 1904.

In his first priestly years, when he worked as chaplain in a parish, a pilgrimage led him into the Holy Land. That journey had for him a forming influence. It was an enchanting and unforgettable experience for him to know the historical ground which had been sanctified by the Lord's life. Added to that was his entrance into the Society of Jesus on April 19th 1909. Up to his last life days he remained deeply grateful for that vocation. Now he could dedicate himself to theological studies further years yet. He had outstanding teachers who inspired him with love and enthusiasm particularly for the Holy Scriptures. From now on the interpretation of the New Testament was his charisma given to him by God. The Holy Scriptures became an inexhaustible well for his entire pastoral work.

In World War I he was division minister by the 9th army corps in the west. The shared troubles at the front were deeply imprinted into him.

His extremely beneficial activity as preacher, director of Spiritual Exercises and university minister began after the war.
He worked from 1920 to 1923 in Vienna, where his famous lectures in the Court Church laid hold on widest sections of the citizens.
From 1924 to 1927 followed his pastoral care for students in the Diaspora city Leipzig.

In 1927 Cardinal Faulhaber called him as university minister and preacher to Munich. Here he gave spiritual assistance to innumerable people through almost three decades. In his Bible lectures in the closely filled St Michael Church came listeners from the whole city. More and more a small but choice group rallied around him. On his initiative Cardinal Faulhaber established a Graduate Sodality, which on April 3rd 1929 was affiliated with the 'Prima Primaria' in Rome by Father General.

He became spiritual director and counsellor for several woman federations. His confessional was much visited. His always crammed consulting room showed how much his advice was estimated. His books give evidence for his glowing admiration of the Trinitarian God, likewise his Christ- and dogmatic Trinity Litany. His Fine-Arts gift for piano, singing, and poetry became effective now and then, and was answered with much applause.

His health was throughout enviable good. On August 16th 1957 he was called home by the trinitarian God at the age of 78 years in the priestly hospice in Neuburg/Danube. He is buried on the Order Cemetery in Pullach by Munich.


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