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August 15th 1591 - Jesuits Take Over Altötting

Altötting is a district town in Upper Bavaria and the largest place of pilgrimage in South Germany. It belongs to the most important places of pilgrimage in Europe.

On repeated, intensive prosecution of the Duke William V, in the year 1591 the Jesuits came there to take on the pastoral care of the pilgrimage. The Duke had eventually succeeded in dissipating all doubts of Father Provincial because of lacking Jesuit Fathers.

In the years 1593/96 the Duke built an appropriate large residence and an ostentatious church, which was consecrated to St Magdalen.

Now an extremely beneficial activity began. From year to year the number of those who confessed their sins and took the Holy Communion rose. The maintenance of eight to ten Fathers could be easily met by donations of the pilgrims. Thus in the year 1638 a tertianship of the Order was also established in Altötting. The young tertianship Fathers helped in the pastoral care for the pilgrims.

Altötting is a place of Our Lady's veneration. The 'Black Madonna' is venerated, carved from lime tree wood, a 65 cm high figure from the end of the 14th century.

After the abolition of the Society of Jesus the Franciscans took on the pastoral care, then the Capuchins, thereafter the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer and since 1873 the Capuchins again.
Altötting belongs now to the diocese Passau, but in former times to Salzburg.


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