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August 9th 1951 - Jesuit College Kalksburg

The Viennese Jesuits possessed a country house in Kalksburg near Vienna before the dissolution of the Order (1773). There had been established in the year 1609 by Emperor Rudolf II an 'Academic College'.

After the abolition of the Order in 1773 the property had come in 1790 to the family of the court jeweller Mack and later to the family Godefroy ('Mon Peron').

After the re-establishment of the Order in 1814 the property could be acquired for sale again. The contract of purchase was signed in January 1856. Already in autumn 1856 the college and the boarding school could commence. The institute became one of the most important and most progressive education places of the Austrian monarchy. Gradually the public rights were attained, so that in the year 1898 the first final examination took place.

The college developed well, and the instructions went on also during World War I without interruption. Only in the Nazi period the college had to close its gates, after the Nazi Regime had occupied Austria in 1938. Already in 1938 the German police rented the complex of buildings, so that the plan of the leadership of the Hitlerjugend (Nazi youth organization) to establish there a kind of 'order castle' was defeated.

In 1945 the Red Army occupied the building. Only on August 9th 1951 the college was officially returned. It required much strength and confidence in God to repair the material damages. A large renovation and modernization took place not before the year 1980.
Today the college has more than 600 pupils.

Yearbook 72/73
Yearbook 62/63 on P. 85


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