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August 9th 1668 - Balde Jakob
† in Neuburg/Danube

He originated from Ensisheim in the Elsass. At the age of twenty he entered 1624 in Landsberg into the Society of Jesus.

He is considered as the most important poet in New-Latin of the German Baroque. He wrote dramas, comedies, and tragedies. His lyric is linguistically ingenious. His poetry is honey-combed with wit, satire, irony and humour.

He published his seventy Latin songs about Our blessed Lady in the year of the Westphalia Peace Treaty 1648 for the praise of the Regina Pacis. Since he wrote poetry almost in Latin only, he could not become popular, although his activity as court preacher in Munich and Neuburg at the Danube was very popular.

For the college work of the Society of Jesus he was of high rank as professor of rhetoric and teacher of classical languages.

He died in Neuburg on August 9th 1668.


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