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August 6th 1552 - Claude Le Jay
† in Vienna

Le Jay originated from Savoyen, from the small parish village Mieussy, about thirty kilometres east of Geneva. The date of his birth is not known exactly, probably he was born in the year 1504.

Jay has much similarity with his compatriot Peter Faber. They were already in their youth on friendly terms, when both studied in the College of La Roche. When the Paris student Peter Faber stayed in his homeland he visited Le Jay, who had 1528 in Geneva already taken the holy orders. Faber recommended to him to take his doctor's degree in Paris. In autumn 1534 Le Jay actually came to Paris, and acquired in the year after the degree of Master of Arts. Faber won him by Spiritual Exercises for the friend circle of Ignatius, and on August 15th 1535, when the companions renewed their vows on Montmartre, Le Jay took part for the first time.

With the companions he went to Venice, and in Rome he participated in the discussions about the establishment of the Society.

Le Jay was as modest, gentle and kind as Faber. He did pastoral work and won the hearts of many people. To both, Faber and Lay, was allotted an early death.

Le Jay worked first in Italy, then in Germany, then at the Trent Council, and the Augsburg Imperial Diet. In Augsburg he became also acquainted with Petrus Canisius. They remained connected in friendship.

The last years of his life he worked in Vienna as Rector of the university. When he 1552 fell dangerously ill, one called the best physicians. But also the best means did not help to save his life. The fever carried him away. It was on August 6th, the Feast of the Lord's Clarification. Le Jay was only 48-year-old.


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