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April 22th 1541 - Profess Vows in St Paul

On Tuesday, April 19th, Ignatius had accepted his election as General of the Jesuit Order. A few days after, on Friday, April 22th, the companions wanted to visit the Seven Main Churches of Rome, and in the Basilica St Paul Before the Walls to make their Profession in accordance with the bull. Ignatius celebrated the eucharist there. The companions had confessed their sins to each other previously. Before the Holy Communion Ignatius held in the one hand the body of the Lord, in the other one the text of the vows and said his Profession. Then he put five eucharistic hosts upon the patene and turned to the five companions. Each single one said his profession and received the eucharist. This moving celebration took place at the Sacramental Altar, where also a Byzantine mosaic picture of our Blessed Lady is venerated.

After the celebration of the Mass and the saying of the prayers at the priviliged altars all of them met at the Confessio where St Paul's bones are kept. There they gave each other 'not without much devotion, emotion and comfort' the kiss of peace. With these feelings of deep comfort they continued the attendance of the Seven Main Churches.

The young Pedro de Ribadeneira, who prepared in the neighbourhood of the Lateran the dinner for them, became a witness. He noticed especially the devotion of Codure, who 'was all tears, so that he was nearly blown up'. Only four months later, on August 29th, he went into eternity.

The not present other companions said their profession at different places and different times.

Bobadilla showed here too his restless character. He hesitated to say the profession. Finally, in September 1541, he laid his profession also into Ignatius' hands in the St Paul Basilica.


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