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April 19th 1541 - Ignatius Accepts to be Elected General of the Jesuit Order

Six of the Parisian friends took part in the elelction took part: Ignatius, Laínez, Salmerón, Broeet, Codure, and Le Jay.
Peter Faber was already in Germany, Xaver in the open sea to India, Rodrigues in Portugal, and Bobadilla in Calabria. But they had left or sent in/to Rome their voting papers. Hozes had already died, the first dead one.
All had elected unanimously Ignatius. He had written on a sheet: 'Except myself, I elect as Superior the one who will get the most votes.'

Ignatius rejected the election, which had taken place on April 2nd, with reference to his health and to his sinful past.

On April 13th the new ballot followed. It had the same result. Now Ignatius withdrew himself for three days of the Holy Week into the Franciscan monastry by San Pietro in Montario, where he revealed himself to his Father Confessor and left to him the decision. It read: Ignatius had to accept the election, if he did not want to sin against the Holy Ghost.

On request of Ignatius he gave his judgement in writing. Thereupon Ignatius accepted the office. It was April 19th, the Tuesday in the Easter week.

So far the group had had no actual Superior. The office had been exercised by everyone in weekly change. In truth however all compagnions regarded Ignatius as soul and Superior of their community.


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