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1. April 1980 - University Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt

After the re-establishment of the Society of Jesus in 1814 the German Province created a philosophical-theological study center for the German-speaking countries first in Fribourg in Switzerland.

In 1847 the Society of Jesus had to abandon Switzerland (Sonderbundkriege - Special Federation Wars). Hence the study center was shifted to Paderborn (1856-63) and after the acquisition of the former Benedictine monastry Maria Laach there until 1872. The Kulturkampf (Jesuitengesetz from July 4th 1872) required a transfer abroad, first to Ditton Hall in England, thereafter from 1895 to 1942 to Valkenburg (Netherlands).

The abolition of the Jesuitengesetzes in 1917 suggested a resettlement to Germany. This desire met with that of the dioecese Limburg (in 1827 established), to furnish its own study center. The theologians of the dioecese Limburg studied temporarily in Limburg, then in Giessen, Würzburg, Mainz, Dillingen, Eichstaett, and after 1887 in Fulda. The finances did not permit an own study center.

The energetic Vicar General Höhler (1913-1920) pursued the plan to establish an own theological faculty at the Frankfurt University according to the Innsbruck model, and to entrust it to the Jesuits. Nuncio Pacelli promoted this idea, which nevertheless could not be realized. At the end of 1926 the Philosophical-Theological University Sankt Georgen could be established by Bishop Augustin Kilian.
But the Jesuit Scholastics had to remain until 1942 in Valkenburg. After the war, with the large destruction of Sankt Georgen, Büren was the provisional study center. But already five years later, in 1950, one could return to Sankt Georgen, which served now as scholasticate for the Order students and as regular study house of the dioecese Limburg, and also as training centre for theologians of various other dioeceses.

Only the new statute of 1970 united both projects. On April 1th 1980 took place the national acknowledgment as scientific university. In 1982 Sankt Georgen got the right to confer the doctor degree and in 1983 also the licentiate.


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