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1924/25 - The Berchmans College in Pullach

Pullach is a suburb southern from Munich at the Isar. There in the years 1924/25 Cardinal Augustin Bea, at that time Provincial of the Upper German Province, let build the Berchmans College. It served as philosophical university for the Scholastics from the German-speaking provinces, but at the same time also for Scholastics of foreign provinces, who wanted to learn also the German language during their studies, particularly Spaniards and Americans.

By lectures and films the college sought to convey as much as possible culture. There were also an outstanding theatre group, a 'Russian choir' (for the liturgical songs of the Russian Orthodox liturgy), and a string orchestra. On the 'villa days' (a free day once a week for excursions etc.) many used the offers of the cultural center Munich. Others prefered to relax on the banks of the close river Isar or further away at the Upper-Bavarian lakes and in the Alps.

During World War II the large building suffered heavy bomb damages in the year 1943. The renovation work after the war preceded speedily. But more and more the professors and scholastics insisted upon moving into the centre of the city Munich, instead of living here in a remote suburb. For this move the expansive property in the Kaulbach Street presented itself - situated in optimal neighbourhood to the university.

During their continuation study not few students might inscribe for lectures and seminars there at the university. Also the increasing number of students who did not belong to the Order saw Pullach as far too far away. Above all, the Kaulbach Street is neighbouring the English Garden, the largest park of Munich, a green belt of eight kilometres length.

The removal from Pullach to Munich took place on ... In Pullach remained for the time being the sports sites, the handicrafts shops, the swimming pool, the ward and the cemetery - the central funeral place of the Upper German Province. There rest more than four hundred Jesuits.

The college was sold in 1970(?) to the Catholic Family Work of the archdiocese. There all school educational institutions are represented - from the kindergarten up to the final examination.


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