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April 1th 1971 - University for Philosophy in Munich

From the outset the Society of Jesus regarded the study of philosophy as indispensable basis of the theological training and promoted it accordingly.

Since the middle of the 16th century the most important philosophical study center for the German Provinces was connected with the Bavarian University in Ingolstadt. There the Jesuits controlled the philosophical faculty up to the abolition of the Order in 1773.

After the re-establishment of the Order in 1814 the study centers were in Fribourg (1818-47), Maria Laach (1863-72), Valkenburg (1894-1942) and Pullach (1925-71). The Berchmans College in Pullach has been founded by Father Augustin Bea, at that time Provincial of the Upper German Province.

In summer 1971 the university moved to Munich, to be able better to participate in the cultural life of the capital and to offer study possibilities to external students.

The University for Philosophy in Munich is a church established philosophical faculty of canonical law. It is nationally recognized by answer of the Bavarian Department of State from September 24th 1971. Legal and financial holder of the university is the 'German Province SJ', a public corporation.

The university is divided into the actually philosophical subjects and into non-philosophical sciences in their relation to philosophy.

The university goes thus beyond the basic existence of a philosophical faculty. It has four institutes: the institute for scientific border questions to philosophy and theology, the institute for religion philosophy, further for social policy, and for communication research and media work.

Thus the university serves for teachings and research.


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