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The Incessant Jesus Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God,
have mercy on me, a sinner.

Or only

The authentic Jesus Prayer formula has been taken out of the gospel by the 'Desert Fathers'. Christians who are attached to it can certainly say it also when taking part in CON-Spiration. But whatever may be your faith, religion, or world-outlook, as a human being you are capable of praying in this way: breathing slowly and repeatedly, saying the prayer which expresses your deepest hope, longing, affection, and attachment.

A short description of the Jesus Prayer: People who begin to exercise this prayer in a strict way will say the first half by breathing in, and the second half by breathing out. There will be no sound of words, because they are saying them in their mind or heart. They will repeat it to the rhythm of their breath thousands upon thousands of times without ceasing. They will do it under the guidance of a spiritual leader, in Russia named 'starez' - 'old monk'. People who are seized by the passion for this prayer will leave behind the life of a normal citizen. They will become pilgrims or choose an occupation that allows them to pray in this way.

The moving gold illustrates the breathing in and out,
provided the "animated" gif-file is working on your page.
Everybody may choose (prayer) words and breath rhythm proper for her/him.


If Necessary, Look For Guidance,

People who want to go all out, and to pray in the way of Buddhist or Orthodox monks, may need somebody who accompanies them, and gives them advice. Because according to the teachers and experts of this prayer there are dangers for beginners.
But if you keep to your present state of life, because you cannot leave your husband and children, your occupation, your duties toward your parents etc., and if you practice this prayer in a limited way, you will not need a spiritual leader.
As an inner guide the Holy Spirit will teach you individually. Nevertheless it will be useful to learn from the 'masters of prayer' by reading their books or listening to their recorded voices. And if there is an opportunity to talk with such experts on this matter, you should use it.
However, the most important thing is your practicing. There will be no progress without doing this prayer for a fixed time daily. There will be many distractions, like invisible hands pulling you away from praying. To build up a new habit is by no means an easy task. And to maintain this newly gained ability calls for the spirit of perseverance.
Maybe you can profit from taking part in spiritual exercises or meditation courses, staying for example a fortnight in a monastery where you lay the foundations for this prayer.

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