Pray with one's first or Christian name

Old Jim
The minister of a parish in Kenya noticed an old cheap-looking man who every midday at 12 o'clock entered the church and left it after a short time. Some day the minister waited for the man and asked him what he did in the church. The old man answered, "I go in to pray!" To the surprised statement, "But you are never long enough in the church to be able really to pray!" the old man said, "I am unable to say a long prayer, but I come every day at 12 o'clock and say,

"Jesus, here is Jim." (*)

Then I wait a minute and he hears me.

After some time old Jim came with an injury to his leg to the hospital. The nurses detected that he had a salutary influence on all other patients. The moaner became content, the timid won new confidence, and the sad became cheerful. And there was a lot of laughter in Jim's room.

"Jim", the ward sister said some day to him, "the other men say you have brought about this change. You are always happy!" "Yes Sister, it is not my fault that I am always so happy. That is done by my visitor."

The Sister had never seen any visitor with Jim, because he had no relatives and also no closer friends here. "Your visitor?" she asked. "When does he come?" "Every day at 12 o'clock a.m.," Jim answered. "He enters, stands at the foot of my bed and says, "Jim, here is Jesus!"

From: "War Cry", Kenia

(*) By breathing in say Jesus, by breathing out your first name.